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Solstice Snowshoe Hike - December 2013

Trip Leader - John Martin

Bob and Sherry breaking trail

A winter wonderland

Negotiating the switchbacks

John, Harding, Rick and Toby

Keep your distance

Fire scar

John demonstrates plunging technique... NOT

Fran leads the way down

Elaine and Luna are caught plunging.

Winter has officially arrived!


"If you're lucky enough to live in Durango, you're lucky enough."
Chris Kristofferson, after visiting our fair city.

Winter Solstice Snowshoe Hike with Seniors Outdoors
by Kate Martin

'Twas the first day of winter, with fresh fallen snow
All the seniors were packed up and ready to go

Our leader, John Martin, as usual was there
We all said "we'll follow you, just tell us where"

With the strongest out front, trail breakers we hail
The rest of us followed on a firmly packed trail

The sunlight did sparkle on the snow like a diamond
as up the steep trail all the seniors were climbin'

We are grateful and happy and all pretty tough
And we know, 'cause we live here, we're lucky enough

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