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Twin Sisters Climb - August 2011

Trip Leader - Debra Van Winegarden

Our intrepid leader wading through Osha and Larkspur

Snowshoe hare along Colorado Trail

Another beautiful day in paradise...

Looking at route to SE Sister... just follow the green

A steep scramble 

Fuller and Golden Horn from summit of SE Sister - 13,432'

Rolling Mountain from SE Sister

Group heading over to SW Sister


Sherry, Lynn, Betsey, John, Debra, Charlie, Bob, Lyle and Rich at summit of SW Sister - 13,374'

Taking a quick break above West Lime Creek

Debra and Betsey wait for Lynn and Sherry to exit the escalator... "going down?"

Looking back at the escalator chute

Telluride conglomerate boulders

Bob and Debra admire a beautiful conglomerate boulder


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